Breathing spring

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today was a beautiful spring day. This year the cold has been reluctant to leave and so spring has had difficulties claiming its space. However spring keeps trying and today was just perfect. A clear sky left plenty of room for the sun to do its magic and give birth to that happy warm feeling that returns every year when I feel the touch of the breeze on my skin again. During winter I forget. I start thinking that it was all in my imagination… “Did I really ride my bike with bare feet last summer. Was the ocean really warm enough for me to swim in….?”  But now as I look up at the sun and listen to the blackbird singing its heart out, it all comes back to me. Everything will grow again. I will feel sand between my toes again. And as I close my eyes I remember floating on the water with my ears just beneath the surface, moving gently with the tiny waves, letting go completely and feeling happy. Just happy. Soon. I will float again. Today however, I just lay on my back on the terrace, letting the sun melt away all that winter coldness and breathed in the smell of spring. Breathing. Breathing spring.



Congratulations crane

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

It´s the little things like folding this Crane that make me happy. I followed a tutorial on YouTube – folding folding folding…and ta-dah, not just a Crane, but a Congratulations Crane…the perfect name.

Folding paper

April 22, 2012 § 4 Comments

I´ve recently taken up origami and paper folding.  I folded the model below with a white sheet of printer paper folded in v-pleats. I find it absolutely amazing and somewhat surprising that this is possible. I can´t believe I did that:-)

I actually started out with origami but then I found the book below by Paul Jackson and it was really inspiring. I love how you can take a simple piece of paper and make something fun or beautiful and suddenly that initial sheet is gone. Though it required some effort and it was difficult to be zen-like about it all the time, I succeeded in folding some of the models from his book. I´m still working on a better way to photograph them to do them justice…I am open to advice.

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