Moments in life

May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Life can be beautiful and happy. I can bake and eat the loveliest cakes. A deer can make a surprise visit in my garden. The sun can lift my spirit and bring out hundreds of freckles on my face. I can sow marigold seeds and watch them grow. I can go for a walk on the beach and bend down to pick up stones with all-the-way-through holes. I can watch the Japanese cherry tree explode in an abundance of pink flowers. I can cook a tasty dish of pasta for my mum. And share a plate of garfish with my brother. Have a meaningful conversation. And feel the grass beneath my feet. There are many happy moments. But sometimes I have difficult moments too. Moments of sadness. Moments of hardship. So I thought that I needed something to remind me of the happy moments whenever I feel sad or challenged. I got some prayerflags and hung them in the garden. Just looking at them makes me smile. The way they flutter in the breeze sending out my prayers, hoping they will be answered. Maybe if you listen you can hear them.






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