I´m a dolphin

May 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

And so finally it is here. Summer. Finally I can wear those light dresses and feel the air on my skin. Have breakfast on the terrace. Lunch in the shade of the big cherry tree. Cook turbot on the grill as the last sunrays find their way through the trees and settle on my smiling face. I do appreciate all the seasons. I do. Autumn, when everything colours orange and red and the wind catches my hair making it twirl around my head. Winter, wrapping up in heavy coats listening to the snow fallling and drinking steaming cups of tea with my loved ones. And when Spring brings the first rays of sun after a too long and dark Winter, helping tulips and hyacinths out of the cold ground, it seems nothing could make me happier. But Summer is truly lovely. Spending all that time outside. Walking barefoot feeling grass and sand between my toes. Laughing out loud as a passing shower drenches me all the way through making me feel alive and giddy. Singing at the top of my lungs hearing my voice ecchoing all over the neighbourhood. But the best thing. The thing that I love most about Summer is swimming in the ocean. And three days ago I went swimming for the first time this year. The water still a little cold it was a quick in and out experience but lovely none the less. But today after a week of warm weather the water temperature rose to 16,5 °C (= 61 °F). Balancing on the slippery rocks to get to the sandy part I felt how I actually felt warmer inside than outside the water. I dove in splashed around shouting and laughing wishing I could feel this way forever. And I lay back floating on the surface feeling my body moving gently like seaweed. I looked back towards the shore but wanting to make it last a little longer,  I dove back in creeping along the bottom letting grains of sand inside my swimsuit thinking to myself: Yes … I´m a dolphin.

I like all the seasons and when autumn gets here I will probably enjoy it, but right now Summer is here and I intend to inhale every second deep into my soul.



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