An act of love

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I never really had a father. My biological father was an alcoholic and thus not able to be a father and now (since six years ago and way too young) passed away. But what if it turned out that I had another father, and that he was my real father, and what if I could finally meet him? I´ve dreamed of having a father who could fill that big empty space in my life. Someone to keep me safe as a child and support me through growing up and becoming an adult. Someone who would love me no matter what and that I could love back. Someone to count on. Someone to laugh with and share lifes beauty with. Someone to show me that life IS beautiful. Someone to scold me when I was behaving badly. Someone to cheer me when I was trying my best. Someone next to my mother. A child needs both its parents. A child needs a father. I needed a father and I still do. If he were to actually show up now it would be a miracle. I would let him enfold me in his warm embrace and I would forgive him for not being there all those times I needed him in the past and thank him for being here now when I need him still. Could you do that God … could you create such a miracle? That would be the ultimate act of love.


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