I love you

June 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I see you. I see you´re wounded. Dying. Your soul broken.

ørstedsparken, copenhagen


But I have faith. We are one. You and me … meant to be together, walk together, breathe together. And my love … our love … will breathe life back into your body and restore your soul to its true and beautiful self.


(Photos from another walk in Copenhagen. Words, in Danish, English and German, from upper left to lower right mean: LOVE. A PAIR. CONNECTED/BOUND. QUEEN OF LOVE. LOVE)


God forgives – always

June 8, 2013 § 2 Comments

Lately I´ve been feeling very lost. A knot of unhappiness has been slowly but surely growing in my stomach. And even though I wanted to listen to my heart I coudn´t hear it. My life and surroundings were so “noisy” that I couldn´t hear anything else. But I could feel the knot in my stomach. I knew something wasn´t right but I had no idea of what to do to make it right. A couple of days ago, with the help of a friend, I was able to create enough peace and silence for me to reconnect with my heart and express the reason for my unhappiness. And even though I´m not entirely sure how to solve this it makes it easier just knowing what needs to be solved. However I know that I will need help and today I went for a walk with my camera and found that I am receiving that help. Every day. Every second. Always.


I walked from my house with no idea of where to go and what to do exactly. Just asking for a sign. And the first thing that caught my eye, was this iron ornament on a doorstep. The shell in the middle instantly reminded me of the shell that leads thousands of people on their pilgrimage in the north of Spain. I know. This is my pilgrimage. Right now.


Next was this sign. I used to see a therapist who always talked about the jewel inside each and everyone of us and this reminded me of the jewel inside of me. My truth.


And so a thank you seems apropriate.


“Altid” is the danish word for always. God forgives – always.


And finally I met this sign that says “LIGHT AND POWER” in danish.

I put the pictures in the order I took them on my walk.

To me that walk and the words and signs I met make sense. It feels like an answer. Help is here and I will be fine.

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