YES – is my answer

July 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is a time of change. I have a feeling that things are about to happen. I don´t know exactly what or how or when. I just have that feeling. But everyday I get up in the morning and make breakfast. I do my daily work. I sit in the sun with my afternoon tea. I go for a swim in the ocean. I cook and eat my dinner. And in the evening I go to bed, and nothing has happened. Nothing unusual at least. And so I put my trust in tomorrow, tomorrow is the day. But the next day is the same. And then doubt sets in. Am I mistaken? Is the feeling I have wrong? How could I think that something was there when I couldn´t see it?

floral embrace

But what if the initial feeling is right? What if God and the entire universe is conspiring to make it happen? Maybe they´re just asking me to make that leap of faith. What if nothing happens because I won´t cross that bridge before I can see it and that very bridge won´t show itself before I take that first step and start crossing it? It´s a scary feeling to put your foot down when you don´t know if there´ll be solid ground underneath it. We, or at least I, like to feel safe before I take a step. Because, what if something bad happens? What if I step out and find that nothing is there and I fall? So which is better? Staying where you are to make sure nothing happens or risking a step to allow something to happen? I think it´s time for me to take that risk. God is saying: “Trust me. The bridge is there, you just have to start walking. Can you do that? Will you trust me?”. And I will. It´s my ultimate act of love. Yes.

“YES” – is my answer:-)onesoul


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