One Soul

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Today I finished and added four Art cards with prints of my One Soul watercolours to my shop. It´s been a fantastic process and I´m very happy with the outcome. I´m working on various ideas for more items for the shop but for now I have four different One Soul Art cards. You can check them out in my Etsy shop Tea with a view.

Here are a few pictures.

One Soul

“We are one soul. One people. One thought. One feeling. One love. One body. One soul.”

One Soul


One Soul by Stine Maria – Tea with a view


Tea with a view

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I have a shop. I call it Tea with a view.

tea with a view

Tea with a view – webshop

I never made room for my true self in my life. I was so busy living up to other peoples needs and running as fast and as far away from my own as possible. It was of course unconscious and it made me very unhappy. Being so busy with everyone else there was no room for creativity in my life, no way of connecting with my soul and expressing it.

Four years ago I had a huge crisis in my life that forced me to stop and reexamine everything. It´s an ongoing process. In this process I have reconnected with my creativity. Discovered my creativity. It has changed my life and it has changed me.

At some point I decided to make a shop where I could share my view with the world and maybe sell the things I made. In the beginning I sold my own handblended organic teas. Hence the name. But it was actually about so much more than just tea. I wanted to convey a message of love.  The kind of love that connects people and creates peace. This was an overwhelming thought and I doubted whether I was even capable of such a task.

The shop has been changing and evolving with me. After realising that selling teablends was a bit complicated especially while travelling, I started selling my photographs and thereafter my lovely handmade notebooks. But I still felt that I wasn´t quite there yet. The meaning of my shop, the meaning of my life was something more. And slowly everything just kind of stopped. I stopped creating anything and the shop was just there … nothing happened. And the unhappiness returned.

tea with a view

A few weeks ago I just knew that I had to do something. Find the thing I was missing. And suddenly I remembered. Something that came to me maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I´ve thought about it now and then but never really recognised its importance. But I know that it is … important. A year ago I started working on it again but it´s taken me till now to be really ready for it. And I am. It is how I feel deep inside, my view on what life is. So while drinking tea and looking out over the flowing cornfields this is what I see … my tea with a view.

ONESOUL by Stine Maria – Tea with a view


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