When harvest comes

August 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Summer in Denmark always seems so short. And though harvest is a wonderful time, and actually not the end of summer yet, I get that slightly sad feeling knowing that before long it will be over and days of sun and bare feet will be exchanged for the cold and rainy days of winter.

I honestly love all seasons and how they each have their own special feeling but in Denmark winter tends to be just a little too long and dark and summer equally short. bale of hay

But however quickly winter arrives and however long and dark it will be, this is the time of harvest. One flowing cornfield after the other is left bare and dotted with round bales of hay. The scenery changes and grants us different but still absolutely breathtaking views.Billede0229

I hope that it means that I too will finally be able to benefit from all the work I´ve done and harvest my fields of love, peace and gold:-)

And after all, I´m still practicing my new mantra: “Change is a good Thing”.



Change is a good thing

August 4, 2013 § 2 Comments

I´ve always found change difficult. It scared me and sometimes still does. For some reason, even if the current situation was bad, changing it seemed worse. Because of that I´ve often let things escalate and not taken steps toward change before it was a matter of “life and death”. The “funny” thing is that at the same time, I wanted change so much it hurt. Something inside me knew that things were wrong or bad but my fear made sure I was unable to take the necessary steps to make a change. And when something finally happened and forced me to act, I was surprised at the positive outcome and it puzzled me that I could have been so afraid of something that was clearly so right.

dronningmølle beach

Years ago I had to change my diet for a while because of a health problem. I was told I couldn´t eat gluten, dairy products, sugar and only very little fruit. I was devastated. I had to make huge changes to all my meals. All the things I normally ate and loved were banned from this new diet. I cried and felt (I´m ashamed to admit) that it was the most horrible thing that ever happened to me. But my mum was optimistic and together we came up with new dishes, different from what I was used to but lovely and tasty none the less. The change of diet was temporary and after three months I could return to my former way of eating. And I was relieved and happy. But I learned a lot during that time, and I implemented many of these new recipes in my regular diet.

Again because of my health I recently learned that a gluten-free diet could help me. And again my immediate reaction was negative. I love baking and I felt deprived of that joy thinking about a step like that. But then I decided to change my approach and feel happy about doing something good for me and my health. I researched the internet and found lots of delicious recipes for gluten-free bread.

gluten-free buns

Today I baked these beauties and they´re fabulous both in texture and taste. The recipe is from upstairs atelier.

I feel very happy and optimistic about this change in my diet. My new mantra is – Change is a good thing:-)

gluten-free buns

A peaceful interlude

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Lately we’ve had very warm and beach-friendly weather. All beaches have been brimming with tourists and locals swimming, sunbathing, eating icecream and stocking up on much needed vitamin D. It´s so lovely to finally breathe that sea air and feel the breeze on our skin and sand between our toes.

strandbakkerne, gilleleje

But for me it can get a little overwhelming being surrounded by so many others and it kind of takes a little away from that wonderful feeling it is to go to the beach for a swim. But yesterday was cloudy and light drizzles of rain came and went leaving the beaches empty and peaceful. Only the lifeguard was still there in her little shelter. I arrived as yet another drizzle decided to pass by but I didn´t care. The water was lovely and floating on my back, peace suffused my entire being. Afterwards I dried up and got dressed and while tiny raindrops made patterns on the sand and a few local children went swimming I just stood there breathing it all in. The smell, the air, the peace.


Today is another sunny day and the beach will be overflowing once more with people wanting to enjoy the wonderful weather … and rightly so. I just treasure those peaceful interludes that I so love and need.



strandbakkerne, gilleleje

YES – is my answer

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This is a time of change. I have a feeling that things are about to happen. I don´t know exactly what or how or when. I just have that feeling. But everyday I get up in the morning and make breakfast. I do my daily work. I sit in the sun with my afternoon tea. I go for a swim in the ocean. I cook and eat my dinner. And in the evening I go to bed, and nothing has happened. Nothing unusual at least. And so I put my trust in tomorrow, tomorrow is the day. But the next day is the same. And then doubt sets in. Am I mistaken? Is the feeling I have wrong? How could I think that something was there when I couldn´t see it?

floral embrace

But what if the initial feeling is right? What if God and the entire universe is conspiring to make it happen? Maybe they´re just asking me to make that leap of faith. What if nothing happens because I won´t cross that bridge before I can see it and that very bridge won´t show itself before I take that first step and start crossing it? It´s a scary feeling to put your foot down when you don´t know if there´ll be solid ground underneath it. We, or at least I, like to feel safe before I take a step. Because, what if something bad happens? What if I step out and find that nothing is there and I fall? So which is better? Staying where you are to make sure nothing happens or risking a step to allow something to happen? I think it´s time for me to take that risk. God is saying: “Trust me. The bridge is there, you just have to start walking. Can you do that? Will you trust me?”. And I will. It´s my ultimate act of love. Yes.

“YES” – is my answer:-)onesoul

I love you

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I see you. I see you´re wounded. Dying. Your soul broken.

ørstedsparken, copenhagen


But I have faith. We are one. You and me … meant to be together, walk together, breathe together. And my love … our love … will breathe life back into your body and restore your soul to its true and beautiful self.


(Photos from another walk in Copenhagen. Words, in Danish, English and German, from upper left to lower right mean: LOVE. A PAIR. CONNECTED/BOUND. QUEEN OF LOVE. LOVE)

God forgives – always

June 8, 2013 § 2 Comments

Lately I´ve been feeling very lost. A knot of unhappiness has been slowly but surely growing in my stomach. And even though I wanted to listen to my heart I coudn´t hear it. My life and surroundings were so “noisy” that I couldn´t hear anything else. But I could feel the knot in my stomach. I knew something wasn´t right but I had no idea of what to do to make it right. A couple of days ago, with the help of a friend, I was able to create enough peace and silence for me to reconnect with my heart and express the reason for my unhappiness. And even though I´m not entirely sure how to solve this it makes it easier just knowing what needs to be solved. However I know that I will need help and today I went for a walk with my camera and found that I am receiving that help. Every day. Every second. Always.


I walked from my house with no idea of where to go and what to do exactly. Just asking for a sign. And the first thing that caught my eye, was this iron ornament on a doorstep. The shell in the middle instantly reminded me of the shell that leads thousands of people on their pilgrimage in the north of Spain. I know. This is my pilgrimage. Right now.


Next was this sign. I used to see a therapist who always talked about the jewel inside each and everyone of us and this reminded me of the jewel inside of me. My truth.


And so a thank you seems apropriate.


“Altid” is the danish word for always. God forgives – always.


And finally I met this sign that says “LIGHT AND POWER” in danish.

I put the pictures in the order I took them on my walk.

To me that walk and the words and signs I met make sense. It feels like an answer. Help is here and I will be fine.

Spring in the city and a chocolate cake recipe

May 30, 2013 § 2 Comments

Five months ago I moved back to the city after 3 years in the country. Personal circumstances brought this change and at first it was thrilling to be back in Copenhagen. This is where I grew up and therefore a place I know well. I have all the shops close by and there are lovely cafés on almost every corner. But now that spring is here and summer is next I find that I miss being close to nature. Not connecting with nature every day, feeling it and looking at it, makes me feel alone and disconnected. So today I decided to go to the nearest park. Frederiksberg Have. It´s a beautiful place with lots of trees and flowers and a rich birdlife. Here are some pictures from my sunny day in the park. Scroll down if you want to skip directly to the chocolate cake recipe:-)

IMG_6888 IMG_6856

Frederiksberg Have

Frederiksberg Have




And then I met this goose who left me these beautiful feathers.goose feathers

And last but certainly not least I went home and baked a fantastic gluten free chocolate cake. The perfect ending for my great day with nature. I got the recipe from this blog missfirelake. Her recipe is in danish so I will write it up in english just for you.


140 g dark chocolate 60-70%

3 tbsp strong coffee

5 eggs

120 g sugar or honey

250 g swettened chestnut cream

2 dl hazelnuts or almonds

Whip the egg yolks with 80 g sugar till it gets light and creamy. Add the chopped hazelnuts and the chestnut cream. Melt the chocolate and coffee in a water bath and add it to the mixture. In another bowl whip the egg whites until they start stiffening then add 40 g sugar and continue whipping till stiff and shiny. Add the egg whites gently in the egg yolk mixture little by little. Pour mixture in a greased baking tray and bake for 40-45 minutes in a preheated oven of 180 degrees celcius. Very easy and absolutely fabulous. Enjoy!!

gluten free chocolate cake